Sep 3, 2012

Hello Summer Camp - August

This was the last activity that Hannah, Annabel, Elise and Alberto had as a team in OKO, the summer camp was great fun and the children all enjoyed the different activities like water games, climbing the Snezka, the fire night and dancing at the disco. It was the volunteers task to help with the English lessons in the mornings and the sport activities in the afternoon. We used the skills we have learned throughout the year in OKO to make this event fun and engaging for the children and we hope they all enjoyed it. We had a good time preparing it!

Aug 13, 2012

Summer camp

Here, there is a little video that we made about the summer camp with OKO.
You'll discover the main activities during the summer camp and the good atmosphere :)
Enjoy it

Aug 6, 2012


At the begining of July we went to a English summer camp for chlidrens. In this time we help the teachers of English in some lessons at the morning and we prepare activities and games at the afternoon,For the childrens was so funny know us, and we enjoy a lot also becouse they were so motivated to spek with us all the time.We had really great experience with childrens and we learn a lot about how do activites.



We visit the school in Opočno, and we made activities for childrens between 6 and 10 years old. They enjoy a lot to learn English in a diferent way and know foreing people.We also enjoyed this activities because the childrens were so motivated and nice.

May 28, 2012


From the 24th of May to the 26th of May Bambiriáda took place in a lot of cities in Czech Republic and of course in Rychnov too. It was held in the castle and different organisations from Rychnov and from the villages around offered activities for children. As well there was a podium where all the time different dance or music groups preformed. 
We had a small wooden house to ourselves with a table in front of where we offered our different activities. We had a big puzzle of the European map which you had to put together which was not so easy.
Then we offered different things to make: 
- juggling balls 
- bracelets
- recycling beads
-little boxes  

Especially the juggling balls where loved by the children and which made our stall very busy all the time. We just had a break when either the rice or the the balloons ran out and we had to buy new ones. 
All in all it was an activity a bit diffrent to our normal work in OKO but where we had a lot of fun and which we all enjoyed a lot.

More pictures you can find here

Apr 26, 2012

Apr 24, 2012

Inter cultural evening

Last thursday, it was our Inter Cultural Evening. For this occasion, we prepared food from our country, presentations and games. It spent good time discussing with the participants. We explains things about our culture. We also prepared some posters about traditions or food in our country.
It was very nice ! To byl hezky vexer !

Here there is some photos. If you weren't there, you can feel the atmosphere :)